Rivertek Medical Systems
Rivertek regrets that as of February 28th 2021 it is no longer able to provide repair services for RSIM-1500 and ViP-II simulator devices.  We will continue to provide calibration services on an as-requested basis.  For customers wishing to repair their own devices, we have a comprehensive service manual available.  Please request it through the Contact Us page below.

To be reliable, flexible, and effective in today's competitive pacemaker and ICD development environments you need competent targeted experience and superior solutions.


Expertise drawn from nearly 40 years of pacemaker industry experience ensures capable simulators for your product training and demo needs along with knowledgeable assistance with product test, training, and demo issues.


Phone consultation on simulator use and performance available 24/7. Training available via web conference for both novice and experienced users.


Our novel simulator design solutions and scenario programming language allow presentation of even the most complex clinical scenarios.
The Rivertek RSIM-1500 Simulator System

(Notebook computer supplied by user and not part of the RSIM-1500)