Rivertek Medical Systems

Rivertek Medical Systems RSIM-1500 System

The RSIM-1500 Simulator System is a powerful sales, marketing  and R&D tool specifically designed to be used as a modular test and measurement system in conjunction with demo or developmental pulse generators.

Features of the RSIM-1500 Simulator System include:
Easy connection to all implantable pulse generators and  external instruments

Real-time simulated physiological waveform outputs in response to the pulse generator input.

Realistic physiological response to pulse generator therapy

Surface ECG output and cables for display on all Programmers

Selection, execution, and monitoring of user-defined clinical scenario text files.

(Notebook computer supplied by user and not part of the RSIM-1500)
The RSIM-1500 Simulator System demonstrates a realistic physiological operating environment for both Bradycardia and Tachycardia clinical devices. The system is intended to provide real-time simulated physiological inputs to the demo device and produce realistic physiological therapy responses along with accurate pulse generator output measurements.

The easy-to-install RSIM-1500 Software creates a display area on the user's notebook PC, which is separated into three areas: The Real-time Display Area shows four different traces (Surface ECG, Atrial, Ventricular, and Defib channel intracardiac electrograms). The Parameter Menu Display shows one of fourteen parameter menus and allows the user to control the pod's output through 80 different parameters that are easily adjusted by the user. The Trend Plot Display Area features a self-scaling history of ventricular rate responses to therapy.

Long Term Support
Rivertek works closely with our Clients' Product Development and Marketing Functions to ensure compatibility with future devices and features, such as advanced sensors. The RSIM-1500 has a one year warranty.